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Selected Clients
Adidas, Aesop, Apartamento, Apple, Apoteket, BlackRock Inc, Bloomberg, Comfort Hotel, Coca-Cola, Coop, Die Zeit, Forbes, Jil Sander/Raf Simons, Kiehls, La Repubblica, Moderna Museet, Nike, Orange, Pocket Shop, Popeye Magazine, NK, Prisjakt, SEB, SJ, Sony Ericsson, Svenska Spel, Spiegel Magazine, The Business of Fashion, The Fader, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Warby Parker, Wired.

Installation by Andreas Samuelsson at Typojanchi 2021: International Typography Biennale - A Turtle and a Crane. September 14-October 17 at Culture Station Seoul 284, Korea. Photography by Sooin Jang, courtesy of Korea Craft and Design Foundation.

My Body showcases iconic body parts created by Swedish illustrator Andreas Samuelsson and shot by Dutch art director Ewoudt Boonstra. The objects are available in a very limited edition. Material: Vinyl color on MDF, CNC cut by Naden Arkitektur. Signed by the artist.

Fragile - Andreas Samuelsson. A zine, sticker set and poster in collaboration with Hato Press.

Best "Package Design" Guldägget 2021 in collaboration with Open Studio and Lykke.

Illustration for Aesop Skincare, 2021.

Cover illustration for The New York Times. Understanding Autism, 2021.

Cover illustration Forbes Magazine, January 2021.

Cover illustration of The New York Times' December 2020 issue. I have created a pattern that summarizes this odd and tragic year. The cover captures details from life. To stop and see things. To be on the road and meet. The beauty of simplicity. From grief to hope.

Apple & Pear - Collaboration with Papier Labo. Shibuya, Tokyo Japan 2020. Silkscreen: 580×410mm

Hiding - A new book by Andreas Samuelsson for 5x7
An expert guide to nooks around home perfect for avoiding impending doom and gloom. Executed in a reductive charm that only Andreas Samuelsson can deliver.

A.S. Tote Bags in collaboration with Buik and Papier Labo. Shibuya, Tokyo Japan 2020.

Illustrator Andreas Samuelsson has never really got used to using emojis. "It did not feel like my thing," he tells It's Nice That, "I can still struggle to find the right one today." A visual communicator who often uses shapes or his own renditions of everyday objects in his work, you can understand how, aesthetically and communicatively, emojis didn't quite hit the mark. And so together with publisher Nieves, Andreas has made his own set, which you can download too.

Words by Lucy Bourton

Emoji Library - iMessage Stickers
Made in collaboration with Nieves in Zürich.

Download the Sticker Pack from the Apple App Store

Andreas Samuelsson is an image creator living in Gothenburg. With his seemingly stripped-down images, he makes the complicated simple and the simple a little more complicated by exploring, challenging and contrasting the representative, associative and concrete properties of line, surface and shape.

Animation and sound by Wim Dijksterhuis.

Pine Wine - Vinyl colors on canvas in a custom wood box. Made in collaboration with Per Nadén at Nadén Arkitektur.

Kiehl´s - Give Love, Give Kiehl´s
Various illustrations and patterns for Kiehl´s worldwide Valentine´s Day campain 2020.

Scarf for The League Extraordinaire
Samuelsson's game is to put pieces together like a musician sampling audio clips to build a new composition. He's recognized for his fluid shapes, color palette and sense of humor. Stylized objects, symbolism and letters are important objects in his work. For Andreas inspiration comes in many forms; stuff that is surrounding him, stuff from the past and stuff from the other side of the world.

Cover illustration and typography for Popeye Magazine Issue 860 "Craftsmanship!", Tokyo Japan 2018.

When encountering great craft works, we come to think why we are so fascinated by them so much. One reason may be because we simply like the makers and therefore, we even would like to support them to inherit the expert techniques to the next generation. There variety of artisans who make one and only items even in everyday lives nowadays, and what we have done with this issue is a sort of attempt to expand the concept of craftsmanship that we have had. It may be difficult to purchase them right now, but we believe it would be hopefully achievable, and definitely meaningful to do so someday in the future.

Tulip - Part of 4 Artworks for Group Exhibition and Book at Galerie SOON, October 2018, Bern Switzerland.
Curated by Thom Pfister.

Screenprints 2018
"Taking Space" and "Pear of the Dark". Signed and numbered by the artist. Format: 50x70cm.

Warby Parker - Holiday 2017
For the holidays, we collaborated with Swedish artist Andreas Samuelsson on an illustrative series of quirky characters that bring instant joy to your eyes. You'll find his minimal yet super-stylized creations sprinkled across our stores, screens, and holiday gifts.

Various illustrations for The New York Times Magazine made during 2016-18.

Eye Saw The Zine
Andreas Samuelsson

Published by Nieves Books, Zurich, Switzerland, 2016.

16 Pages
14 x 20 cm
Signed & Numbered
Black Pilot Sign Pen
First Edition 2016
50 Original Copies

Each copy of Eye Saw The Zine is hand drawn individually with a black pilot sign pen. The zine is a documentation about fragments in life that stuck in Samuelsson's mind. Quick thoughts, words, details and symbols.

Red, green, blue and you
Andreas Samuelsson

Published by Nieves Books and Rollo Press, Zurich, Switzerland, 2012.

24 Pages
19.5 x 25.5 cm
4 Color Risograph Print
First Edition 2012
200 Copies

This is a very simple book based on a few colors and shapes. It contains no text and some empty space. You're free to fill in the rest based on your imagination. The book is made with a pencil, ruler and watercolor and printed on a risograph machine in 4 colors.