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Selected Clients
Adidas, Apartamento, Apple, Apoteket, Bloomberg, Comfort Hotel, Coca-Cola, Coop, Jil Sander, Nike, Orange, Pocket Shop, Prisjakt, SEB, SJ, Sony Ericsson, Svenska Spel, The Fader, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Warby Parker, Wired.

Tulip - Part of 4 Artworks for Group Exhibition and Book at Galerie SOON, October 2018, Bern Switzerland.
Curated by Thom Pfister.

Screenprints 2018
"Taking Space" and "Pear of the Dark". Signed and numbered by the artist. Format: 50x70cm.

Warby Parker - Holiday 2017
For the holidays, we collaborated with Swedish artist Andreas Samuelsson on an illustrative series of quirky characters that bring instant joy to your eyes. You'll find his minimal yet super-stylized creations sprinkled across our stores, screens, and holiday gifts.

Various illustrations for The New York Times Magazine made during 2016-18.

Eye Saw The Zine
Andreas Samuelsson

Published by Nieves Books, Zurich, Switzerland, 2016.

16 Pages
14 x 20 cm
Signed & Numbered
Black Pilot Sign Pen
First Edition 2016
50 Original Copies

Each copy of Eye Saw The Zine is hand drawn individually with a black pilot sign pen. The zine is a documentation about fragments in life that stuck in Samuelsson's mind. Quick thoughts, words, details and symbols.

Red, green, blue and you
Andreas Samuelsson

Published by Nieves Books and Rollo Press, Zurich, Switzerland, 2012.

24 Pages
19.5 x 25.5 cm
4 Color Risograph Print
First Edition 2012
200 Copies

This is a very simple book based on a few colors and shapes. It contains no text and some empty space. You're free to fill in the rest based on your imagination. The book is made with a pencil, ruler and watercolor and printed on a risograph machine in 4 colors.